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Gloster Care for Teak

AuthenTEAK offers all Gloster cleaning products to keep your outdoor furniture looking clean and new. source



At AuthenTEAK, high-quality outdoor furniture, along with outstanding customer service is our top priority. We feature durable outdoor furniture, long-lasting grills, umbrellas in all shapes and sizes and fire pits to complementRead More…


Edible Gardening in the Shade. Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA)

Many fruits and vegetables can be grown successfully in the shade. Karen Sutherland gives some pointers. source


HomeMade Modern, Episode 8 — DIY $5 Bucket Stool

In Episode 8 of HomeMade Modern Ben Uyeda shows how to make a concrete and wood stool in a bucket. Follow us on Instagram to see what we’re working on next! Ben:Read More…


DIY Concrete and Wood Table | Woodworking and Concrete Working

Get 25% off your first month of Care/of vitamins by going to and using code “Foureyes “! DIY a Modern Concrete and Wood Table ▸ Support on Patreon! – ▸Read More…


Sundale Outdoor “Bringing Your Home Outdoors”

In response to the ever-growing outdoor leisure market and the diversifying needs of our customers, Sundale Outdoor specializes in the production of a wide range of umbrellas, outdoor hammocks, and outside livingRead More…


Interviewing Mark Thomas Builder – Learning About YouTube, Review Videos, And How He Got Started

So last week Liz and I spent the day in Muskegon MI, visiting Hurricane Power, and also got to spend some time with Stanley Dirt Monkey. On the way back, we madeRead More…


Gloster Outdoor Furniture Oyster Reef Collection

The Gloster Oyster Reef Collection brings together smooth curves and sharply defined angles for a clean, contemporary look. source


Treasure Garden Modular Protective Furniture Collection

Treasure Garden’s innovative collection of modular protective furniture covers are easy to connect with zippers. Protective cover units can be enclosed to protect individual modular furniture pieces or joined to create dozensRead More…