Blade and Soul - Kung Fu Master Wind Rotation Tutorial (S.o.S Patch) | Old

I felt like there was a lack of Wind Build guides so I decided to make this.
Not saying this is the best way to play Wind Build, it is just my take on it.

Hopefully this guide helped you out and I hope many of you fire users will change over to wind because wind is superior Kappa.

Edit: I guess I forgot to mention that the opener I showed in this video is mean’t for party play because the party blue buff will give 40% crit chance while the solo buff doesn’t give any crit chance. BUT you can still do the opener I showed when you get to stage 4 searing palm with the solo buff so that you are guaranteed crits.

Edit 2: I also forgot to mention that Flurry(C) also resets the CD of Searing Palm by 9 seconds.

Edit 3: The Holy Fire Soul Badge is bugged because cyclone kick doesn’t do increased damage when under the effects of tremor.

Song: My Neighbor Totoro – Path of the Wind (ÆkaSora Chillhop Lounge Remix)
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I do not own ANY rights to any of the music in this video. If you have copyright issues with my song of choice e-mail me at and I will take down the video.


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