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This was the first Concrete Countertop project did where we poured the counters in place and finished the top with a trowel. In the past we have cast concrete countertops face down in melamine molds. We built the frame for this structure out of 2″ by 1/8″ steel angles that we welded together. larger sections would also work but I would still keep the concrete about 1.25 inches thick to keep the weight down. I am really pleased with how these counters have held up. we have moved this bar multiple times and put a lot of strain on it and we don’t have a single crack in the concrete. We made this industrial modern bar for outdoor use in Joshua tree. It is a very dry desert climate and we don’t have to worry about the steel rusting too much. We special ordered Quikrete countertop mix from Home Depot. This product is not typically on the shelves so you have to call in ahead and order it to be picked up. Quikrete 5000 is an off the shelf product that would work but I would use a large mesh so that the gravel could move through the steel mesh.

link to products:
Quikrete Countertop Mix
Ridgid Cut-Off Machine:
Steel Mesh:

I used a cordless circular saw, jigsaw, orbital sander, and drill from:

Link to Cumaru decking:
I bought 8-foot long 1” x 5-1/2” boards for $25.52 each from

I considered using Ipe deck boards to build this sofa but ended up picking Cumaru boards instead since I liked the color better and they were cheaper.

Paste wax for sealing the concrete, steel, and the ends of the Cumaru

Teak Oil

RZ masks are my favorite dusk masks!

This video was sponsored by Quikrete
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