I’ve been thinking about this camera a LOT. In this final episode of our four part series, we bring it home. Stay with it — there are one or two real surprises here, even three years after the camera launched. Great fun. {Click for more index and links below)

Special thanks to Leica Camera for giving us the time with the gear so that we could do this review the way we wanted to.

00:00 Intro with images, setup, giveaway
05:00 The competitive landscape at launch (2015)
05:26 The landscape evolves quickly
07:45 The biggest challenge
11:06 Quick video tracking AF rest
11:19 Weight and size comparisons
14:49 Expense
15:44 Irresistible object: in hand
18:53 Who is it for?
22:05 Issues/room for improvement
30:54 Verdict as a camera
31:45 Quick high ISO test
33:03 A different take on pricing.
34:55 Verdict as a talisman
35:20 Verdict over-all
35:50 An homage
36:06 The SL as an object of desire (close your eyes)
37:19 And then…

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