The Top 5 Tips for Scoring an A* in A-level Biology to get your FREE trial of super concise engaging and exam board specific A-level Biology videos by A* students.

In this video we explore The Top 5 Tips for Scoring an A* in A-level Biology

1. Might sound obvious – but learn everything! Helps if you get the specification. The devil is in the detail, so when you’re reading through things make sure you’re being thorough – don’t leave any word unread.

2. It’s possible to get through A level biology by just memorising facts – but the best students have a really deep understanding of the topics covered. It takes just a little bit of extra effort – asking your teacher/googling something and not being satisfied with a simple ‘that’s just the way things are’. Make sure you understand everything before committing it to memory – it’s the difference between learning and memorising. (Don’t cram!)

3. Make sure you have definitions for all scientific terminology so you’re really clear on the nuances between slightly different words/concepts – for example, can you explain the difference between natural selection and evolution, what’s the difference between a vaccine and an antibiotic? You might want to make a glossary as you go along.

4. Engage with the material. I can’t stress this enough – biology is a really vast subject with lots of different principles and fundamental concepts that crop up again and again – try reorganising/re-examining the material from a different point of view – for example, you might want to get a blank piece of paper and just try to write down all the instances that diffusion comes up, maybe brainstorm all the processes you’ve learnt in detail which use ATP?


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